Using a Single ‘B2C’ Customer in the Acumatica Commerce Connector

The default behavior of the Acumatica commerce connector is to synchronize every customer from the external Ecommerce system. A lot of clients have expressed interest in keeping the customer data from cluttering their ERP and instead mapping all orders to a single “B2C” customer, with each order with an overridden shipto/billto address and contact. I will show you how to set up the entity mapping to make this occur.


we need to use only one customer for all the B2C orders created in Shopify, the Customer ID is B2C, and the Customer Name is B2C customer.


1.      Create a new customer in the Acumatica system with customer ID B2C and name it B2C customer (for example)

2.      Go to commerce> Shopify Stores > select the store you want to update.

3.      Go to Entity Settings and select sales order, and then do the following in the import mapping:

The results:

Any new order will be directly assigned to B2C customer, any payment, refund, or return will follow the same customer (B2C) assigned to the order.