Developer Preview of the New Modern UI

I have been exceedingly excited about the new Acumatica Modern UI and have been waiting with bated breath for it to be released. In Acumatica 23R1, released on 4/4/2023, it is finally available to preview. I am going to show you how to enable it so you can see it too.

Step 1 : Edit the web.config file

Under the <Appsettings> tag of the web.config file, add the following:

<add key="EnableSiteMapSwitchUI" value="true" />
EnableSiteMapSwitchUI is added to the <Appsettings> tag

Step 2: Enable the modern UI for certain pages

The modern UI is only available for certain pages. You can see which pages under the site path \FrontendSources\screen\src\screens. Navigate to the “Site Map” screen and make sure the “UI” column is visible.

The colmns window allow you to select which columns are visible in the grid

Set “UI” to “Modern” on the sites you want to see.

Step 3: View the Page

Voila, the screen is rendered using the new UI!

The final modern UI result

After listening to talks from the platform team about the new UI now for several years, I am happy to finally be able to play with it myself now!