Adding Activities and Tasks to a Custom Screen – 23R1

In Acumatica 23R1, the way you add activities and tasks to a custom screen has changed. You can see a demo of this functionality on the Customers (AR303000) Screen

In version 22R2 and earlier, all the functionality was wrapped into a single dataview:

 public CRActivityList<YourMainGraphDAC> ActivityList;

In 23R1 however, this has now been replaced by two graph extensions

public class YourCustomGraph_ActivityDetailsExt_Actions : ActivityDetailsExt_Actions<
    YourCustomGraph_ActivityDetailsExt, YourCustomGraph, YourMainDAC>

public class YourCustomGraph_ActivityDetailsExt : ActivityDetailsExt<YourCustomGraph, YourMainDAC, YourMainDAC.noteID>

After adding those two graph extensions, you can also reference the following include file in your ASPX.

<!--#include file="~\Pages\CR\Includes\ActivityDetailsExt\"-->

That will automatically add all the necessary elements to the ASPX page to recreate what was shown on the ‘Customers’ screen