Warehouse Shipment Report

Product : Sage MAS500
Description : Compare sales order shipments and warehouse shipments
Project Type : Custom project
Customized : None
New Screens : Shipment data compare. Excel import
Versions : 7.6 and later

The requirement for this customization was to be able to compare a list of shipments received from an external fulfillment warehouse to the corresponding shipments out of MAS500. Shipments are extracted based on a date range defined by the warehouse’s report date range.

The warehouse’s shipment report is transmitted in Excel format and then imported into MAS500 where it is compared to the shipments recorded for the same date range Variances are calculated as

    1. Differences between matching shipments’ quantities and values.
    2. Shipments recorded in the external warehouse and not in MAS500
    3. Shipments MAS500 and not in the external warehouse.

There is the ability to report all records or just records where there are mismatches. Both the quantity variance and also the dollar impact of the variance is displayed. This modifications typically compares up to 55,000 shipments from 12 warehouses in any month in a matter of minutes.