Custom lightweight EDI integration

Product            : Sage MAS500
Description    : Custom EDI integration for orders, shipments and stock status reports
Project Type  : Custom integration
Customized   : None
New Screens : None
Versions           : 6.3 and later

The requirements for this customization was to enable the transmission of EDI documents in .csv format between an originating organization and a MAS500 user who was going to do shipping fulfillment on behalf of them. Documents were transmitted via FTP  between the two sites. On the MAS500 side the EDI documents were imported into MAS500 using a custom EDI connector written in which moved data from the FTP site .csv files into custom SQL staging tables in MAS500. The standard MAS APIs were then used to create sales orders, pick lists and then shipments. After the shipment were completed a shipment confirmation was then transmitted to the origination company.



External Warehouse Stock Status Report

Product : Sage MAS500
Description : Compare stock status report and warehouse quantities
Project Type : Custom project
Customized Screens : None
New Screens : Data compare. Excel import
Versions : 7.6 and later

The requirement for this customization was to be able to compare a stock status report received from an external warehouse to the corresponding stock status report from MAS500.

The warehouse’s report is transmitted in Excel format and then imported into MAS500 where it is compared to the inventory valuation report up to an including the ending date of the warehouse export. Variances are calculated as

  1. Differences between matching items’ onhand quantities in the two warehouses
  2. Items in the external warehouse and not in MAS500
  3. Items in MAS500 and not in the external warehouse.

There is the ability to report all records or just records where there are mismatches. Both the quantity variance and also the dollar impact of the variance is displayed. The modification can import 12,000 items and compare them in less than a minute.